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Environmental & Sustainability information

Hub Group Dedicated takes Environmental & Sustainability very seriously and has partnered with SmartWay since 2008. The SmartWay partnership is an innovative collaboration between the U.S. EPA and the freight industry to increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. Since 2008, Hub Group’s Dedicated services have saved more than 123,000 thousand gallons of fuel and reduced the divisions’ CO2 Grams per Mile by 92 Grams.

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Certified Compliant with CARB
The regulation is projected to provide significant diesel PM and NOx emissions reductions that would have a substantial positive air quality impact throughout California. PM emissions are projected to be reduced by about 7 tons per day in 2014 and 3 tons per day in 2023, NOx emissions are projected to be reduced by about 88 tons per day in 2023. These reductions are critical to meeting federal clean air standards. The regulation would also reduce diesel PM emissions by the maximum level achievable from in-use trucks and buses.

The following are just a few of the areas where Hub Group Dedicated has taken the initiative and made substantial improvements. To reduce NOx emissions and reduce the gallons of diesel fuel used, Hub Group Dedicated is doing its part in controlling excessive fuel consumption or pollutants. Listed below are a few examples:

Truck Specifications

  • New Engine’s
    • Low emissions diesel engine technology
    • Computerized truck idling equipped with Idle shut down timers.
  • Speed Limiters / Speed Management– Hub Group Dedicated standard policy 63 MPH to maximize MPG.
  • We operate all new equipment at the majority of our locations
  • All trucks equipped with Peoplenet-OBC’s and Drivecam-E.R. to track truck and driver performance.
  • Truck equipped with EZ pass & Pre pass for less idle
  • Low Rolling resistant tires
  • Automatic Transmissions since 2014
  • Aerodynamic & Air Fairings

Trailer Specifications

  • Smart Truck Top Kit Aero Systems
  • Trailer skirts
  • Tracking Systems
  • Automated tire inflation systems
  • Low Rolling resistant tires
  • All Reefers based in CA are CARB compliant

Recycling & Reuse

  • Tire
    • The majority of our tires are recapped
  • Oil
    • Truck service oil & liquids always recycled
  • Paper
    • Shred//Recycle 95% through Arizona center for the blind document destruction.
  • Wash
    • Reclaim wash water during equipment cleaning 


  • Driver Equipment Training
  • Driver Performance score card includes idle time to promote fuel efficiency

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