Our Story

The American Dream coming true

Estenson Logistics was founded in 1999 with the goal of making a premier dedicated logistics company. Tim Estenson and Paul Truman came up with the idea for Estenson Logistics while sitting in a coffee shop and drew out their business plan on a napkin. With Tim’s vision and Paul’s business sense, success should have come easy. However, turning that vision into a reality proved to be quite a challenge.

Tim was determined to make his idea into a success and poured everything he had into this company. Customers began to show their excitement for this newly formed logistics provider and soon enough, companies were willing and eager to jump on board. In 2017 Estenson Logistics was acquired by Hub Group, one of the largest multi-modal providers in North America, and the company now operates under Hub Group name.

To hear more about our incredible journey, we invite you to watch the video about how this dream came true.