Our Moreno Valley Team Celebrates 1 Million Miles Accident Free

Our Moreno Valley Team Celebrates 1 Million Miles Accident Free


Estenson Logistics prides itself with having the best drivers in the industry today. They are the lifeblood of our company and ambassadors to all of our partners. It's their hard work and dedication that has given us so much success and we couldn't be more proud to announce another milestone accomplishment in our organization.

In May of 2016, we opened up a new location in Moreno Valley, California. We hired twenty three drivers to operate day cabs and sleepers to handle this operation and are very excited to announce that they have achieved one million miles without a singled preventable accident as a team.

It takes a lot of time and dedication for an individual driver to go one million miles without an accident but for an entire team to accomplishment this together is something worth celebrating, which is exactly what Estenson Logistics did.

Our Vice President of Safety and Risk Management, Chris Licht, pulled out all of the stops. We invited our drivers and their families to attend an evening of food, drinks, and entertainment hosted at the local Marriot Hotel. Paul Truman and our Southern California Director of Operations Roy Sheraden were in attendance as well to share in the good times and fun. After feasting on some incredible food, the night ended with entertainment by a trio of comedians to give us some great laughs while celebrating all of our fantastic drivers.

Our drivers also received individual recognition for achieving their own safety merits and were celebrated amongst their peers. Chris Licht took the microphone one more time and announced that he promised to return next year should they achieve another million miles accident free.

We're excited at the opportunity to host another amazing evening and look forward to seeing every one again next April.