Estenson Logistics Welcomes the New Southern California Million Miler Class of 2017

Estenson Logistics Welcomes the New Southern California Million Miler Class of 2017


The Million Miler award is a magnificent and challenging accomplishment. Chris Licht, our Vice President of Safety and Risk Management implemented this program to reward drivers for safe and consistent performance across the board. A driver can qualify to join the Million Miler Club by having 8 years without a preventable accident on their driving record. Estenson Logistics has honored over 80 drivers in the last decade and we're proud to honor six more in our Southern California fleet including our very first Two-Million Miler Award winner.

After earning this accolade, we reward our drivers by taking them and their loved ones to a special dinner and awards ceremony. They enjoy the evening, eating great food and trading stories of their journeys on the road. Their Site Managers and Roy Sheraden, the Southern California Director of Operations were all in attendance as well Paul Truman, the President of Estenson Logistics who delivered a very profound powerful message at the end of the night to thank our drivers for all of their incredible work.

Our list of honorees for this year's class of the Million Miler Club include: Matt R., Rod W., Leo A, Jose E., Eduardo C., Frank K., and our prestigious first Two-Million Miler, Richard C. Each of them received a special plaque, a belt buckle, and a ring that will forever commemorate their great achievement.

Paul Truman closed the evening by saying, "Being unsafe is easy, being safe takes incredible effort and a great deal of patience. I'm very proud of you guys and very happy to be associated with each and every one of you."

We're excited to induct these great drivers into the Million Miler Class of 2017 and hope to see man more members of the Estenson Family join the club for many years to come.